Itza One-Time Use Emergency Gas Can!!



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It's a collapsible, disposable emergency fuel carrier.

Assembly takes seconds.

Patent pending,

Meets DOT specifications, CARB exempt.

At the Convenience Store or Auto Parts Store

The ItzaGasCanTM is a single use, disposable, one-gallon, Emergency Gas Can. By design, the ItzaGasCanTM requires less space than plastic containers. It can also be hung on a peg to free up shelf space. Its compact nature will allow for easy storage in station kiosks. Twelve units take up roughly the space of two plastic containers. Your stores will be able to stock more units and free up space for other items.

The ItzaGasCanTM is approved for sale in all states, and due to its single use nature the ItzaGasCanTM is officially EXEMPT from CARB (California Air Resource Board) restrictions for conventional fuel containers. As you know, many states are adopting the CARB standards for fuel containers (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC,  Connecticut, Maine, Texas and Virginia) causing the costs for standard fuel containers to triple. This makes the ItzaGasCanTM even more cost effective! The CARB standards are a simple way for states to reduce air emissions, so many more states are already planning to follow California's standard. Our cost is much lower than the CARB cans so the decision to carry the ItzaGasCanTM in your California stores ought to be an easy one.

The ItzaGasCanTM saves space, is cost effective, is environmentally friendly, is safe and approved, and, in most cases, carries a higher profit margin.

Please contact our sales broker to discuss the benefits to your operation. They will be able to help you develop a plan to introduce ItzaGasCanTM to your chain of stores.

As A Promotional Item

The ItzaGasCanTM is a single use, disposable, one-gallon, emergency gas can. By design, it requires very little space. The ItzaGasCanTM is approved in all states.

The ItzaGasCanTM is an excellent product to store in the trunk of the car. In the event the customer runs out of gas, the customer will be prepared with a gas can at all times. The gas station loaner can is a thing of the past so they have the customer at their mercy (that is assuming they even have any cans in stock to sell).

Many stranded motorists resort to non-approved containers with disastrous results (static discharge leading to fire, chemical non-compatibility, breakage etc.).

We propose businesses such as, insurance carriers, travel agencies, real estate agents etc. consider the ItzaGasCanTM as a promotional give-away. We can provide the product with a sticker including your logo, the agents name and phone number. The customers will see the logo every time they get into the trunk. Think of the number of consumer touches. It also says to the customer that you care about them and provide this for them in the event they have a roadside emergency.

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